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The Axe is Passed at Prolific Games

Camp foreman with a stein and their feet on the table

Prolific Games is more than a decade old. Since Bill Sininger published Flapjacks & Sasquatches, since John Harris became his partner in the business, since a half-dozen more games were added over time to its catalog, Prolific has been a beloved mainstay at game stores around the world and conventions across the Midwest, from Gen Con to Con of the North.

And you know what? Bill and John are tired. 

And you know what else? They deserve a rest.

Bill Sininger has a sign, signed by everyone who beat him at cards.

In a stroke of great luck, around the same time our heroes decided they wanted to turn their focus back to their families and full-time responsibilities, tabletop vet and fellow traveler Jeff Tidball was looking to buy an existing game business to cultivate going forward. 

Long story short? The axe has been passed, friends! Jeff and his company, Left Justified Studio, are the new owners of Prolific Games and its catalog.

What will change? Not a lot.

John Harris is very excited about a convention banner!

Prolific Games will keep on making games for families and friends that focus on fun interactions between real people. It’ll remain rooted in the belief that tabletop games are just about the greatest thing you can do.

What else?

While they'll probably keep hosting the annual Bacon Belt Flapjacks & Sasquatches World Championship for old times’ sake, now Bill and John will actually get a chance to play some games when they go to conventions. Track them down the next time you’re at a show. Ask them to tell you about their character, and buy them a drink. They’ve earned it.

What else?

We’ve created a pair of special-edition Flapjacks & Sasquatches cards featuring  — and designed by — Bill and John. You can get them free with a promo code (PASSTHEAXE) and any web order, while supplies last.

The Bill and John promo cards

In the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch with the bears* who’re busily and happily yanking the levers of power behind the Prolific curtain, please do get in touch. We’ll all be very happy to hear from you.

Wait, don’t go! If you’re interested in what we’ve got in the works, from a Flapjacks & Sasquatches dice game, to a remixed edition of the Left Justified social game Band or Album, to a card game about kintsugi, the Japanese craft of repairing broken vessels with metallic epoxy, make sure you’re on our email list. If we turn out to be irritating, you can always unsubscribe.


* We’ve hired bears (🐻🐻🐻) to run customer service, social media, and PR. Everyone loves bears. 

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