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Salute to Bill & John Promo Cards
Salute to Bill & John Promo Cards
Salute to Bill & John Promo Cards

Salute to Bill & John Promo Cards

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A Salute to Bill & John

John Harris as the Swedish chef

Bill Sininger founded Prolific Games, and he and John Harris were its owners for a decade. On the occasion of their much-deserved retirement from the business and passing of the Prolific Axe to Left Justified Studio, we created these two cards to immortalize them in the world of Flapjacks & Sasquatches forever.

Bill and John each designed their own card. Both chose blue-text ("play at any time") cards with red backs, to shuffle right into your game's main deck.

Game Details

  • Two full-sized special-edition Flapjacks & Sasquatches game cards

Creative Team: Cards designed by and based on the likenesses of Bill Sininger and John D. Harris, with illustrations by Brian Patterson.

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Size: 3.25" × 4.5" × 0.125"
Weight: 1 oz

Bill Sininger with a rulebook clearly showing his victory

If you're worried you won't have something for Bill and John to sign the next time you run into them, these are the perfect celebratory objects for your collection!