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Broken and Beautiful Kickstarter Launches

Broken And Beautiful Standard Edition Box

Broken and Beautiful, the latest game from Left Justified Studio & Prolific Games, launched its Kickstarter campaign this morning at 10:00 AM Central time.

Broken and Beautiful is a card game about kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer.

Grant Lyon of Grant’s Game Recs called it “Card drafting and set collection… more gorgeous than Sushi Go, and also more strategic.”

Board Games in a Minute said, “If you are looking for a set collection game that is both beautiful and strategic… then definitely check out Broken and Beautiful.”

The Hungry Gamer declared it, “Much more interesting than most set collection games… I think that [fixing pottery is] just a super-clever bit of strategy.”

In addition to backing the game on Kickstarter, gamers can play a full digital version of Broken and Beautiful on Sovranti today.

John Harris is very excited about a convention banner!

Sovranti is a rules-enforced online platform for tabletop games that features titles like The Isle of Cats, Planet Unknown, Forbidden Desert, Point Salad, and Cover Your Assets.

Broken and Beautiful is a fantastic design,” said Jeff Tidball, the game’s producer. “It has an elegant flow as well as a depth that rewards close attention. Give me a game like this one any day of the week.”

“I really hope people appreciate the kintsugi theme,” said designer Patrick Rauland, “[and] the philosophy that repairing can be just as beautiful as buying something new.”

Broken and Beautiful is illustrated by award-winning artist Shirley Gong (Thrive), with graphic design by Peter Wocken (Sagrada). 

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