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Witch Slapped
Witch Slapped
Witch Slapped
Witch Slapped

Witch Slapped

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Wanted: Vacant Lot for Gingerbread House

A witchy grandmother with a tempting treat

Witch Slapped is a card game where you're an evil witch fighting for a best deep-dark-forest real estate to build your gingerbread house and gobble up the plumpest local children.

  • Think fast — spell cards orbit the table as fast as the players can pass them.
  • The first witch to gather their components slaps a cauldron, triggering everyone else — ready or not!
  • To win, cling to your nine lives the longest.

Influencer Approved

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"Fast, fun, and furiously hilarious at times, Witch Slapped takes set collecting and pushes it into maximum overdrive. Lots of fantastic combos to explore and memorable moments to be had."

—Father Geek

"Witch Slapped is SO MUCH FUN!! I highly recommend this game for any age. Especially because it is spooky season!!"

Shear Boardom

Spoons With Spells

Flying monkeys… with jetpacks!

Witch Slapped plays a lot like the classic card game Spoons. But here, the real fun starts when you make a set and slap the cauldron to trigger the end of the round… because that's when the witches start casting spells!

  • High-speed component collection is hilarious fun.
  • What spells, you ask? How about Charm, Counter Magic, Curse, Fire, Ice, Scry, Summon (including flying monkeys!), Potion, and Transmute.
  • Is that all? Not hardly. Also includes nine alternate spells for expert players: Chaos, Confusion, Empower, Life Drain, Mind, Mirror, Revenge, Ritual, and Weaken.
  • A premium production: High-quality linen-finish cards in a sturdy magnetic-closure box.

Game Details

  • 198 full-size playing cards
    • 52 spells
    • 52 alternate spells
    • 36 witch-targeting cards
    • 20 spell components
    • 18 life-tracking cards
    • 15 effect cards
    • 5 cauldron cards
  • Printed rules

Creative Team: Created by William Sininger & John D. Harris, with illustrations by John Sauer and graphic design by Jody Henning.

3–6 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 9+

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Size: 6.875" × 4.25" × 1.5"
Weight: 16 oz

Candle, cat, book, and skull

If you like hilarious card games that play at the speed of magic, Witch Slapped is for you!