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Tricked-Out Hero
Tricked-Out Hero
Tricked-Out Hero
Tricked-Out Hero
Tricked-Out Hero

Tricked-Out Hero

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Take Tricks & Power Up

Sample cards from Tricked-Out Hero

Delving dungeons is dangerous work, so before you face the monsters you need to make sure your hero is totally tricked-out.
  • A trick-taking card game with heroes, monsters, treasure, and everyting you love about fantasy RPGs.
  • Fight your way through three dungeon levels, collecting gold as you go!
  • Eleven heroes to play: Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Pirate, Priest, Privateer, Ranger, and Rogue, all with unique powers.

Enemies Abound!

Sample monster from Tricked-Out Hero

The suit that takes each trick powers up that hero. Health for hearts, magic for diamonds, and melee for clubs, but watch out! Taking spade tricks powers up the monster you're facing!
  • Collect the power-ups you earned to trick out your hero.
  • Then, roll a die to prevail or fail against your monster you're facing.
  • Defeat your enemy? Collector your reward! Whoever ends with the most gold wins!

Game Details

Tricked-Out Hero component spread
  • 54 card playing deck, plus four trump determination cards
  • 120 monster cards in level-one, level-two, and level-three decks
  • 178 punchboard tokens
  • 3 eight-sided dice
  • 11 hero sheets
  • rulebook

Creative Team: Designed by Bill Singer & John Harris, with art by Ryan Johnson and layout and design by Trevor Jones & Kyle Johannes.

2-6 Players | 20 Minuntes per Player | Ages 13+

Tricked-out Hero card suit icons

If you love trick-taking games and crave dungeon adventure, Tricked-Out Hero is a must-have for your game collection.