Lumberjacks with Rocket Launchers

Lumberjacks with Rocket Launchers

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Literally a Blast

  • Hilarious, take-that gameplay that's so accessible it hurts.
  • Games so fast no one cares when they get blown up — they'll be playing again before they can grab a drink.

Yes, Rockets, Absolutely!

  • Rockets orbit the table until Rocket Time, when anyone with three Rockets pointed at them blows up.
  • The other players survive to play more Rockets, which orbit the table until Rocket Time, when… you get the idea.
  • A hilarious Northwoods rumble that scales to eight players!


  • Everything fits in a small-but-sturdy box.
  • Perfect for cons, taprooms, and campsites.
  • Insanely giftable!

Game Details

  • 54 game cards
  • Printed rules

Creative Team: Designed by Darrek Olson, with art by Josh Nelson and graphic design by Mar Zingoni Li Preti for Matt Paquette & Company.

3–8 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages 8+

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