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Cultists & Cthulhu 2nd Edition
Cultists & Cthulhu 2nd Edition
Cultists & Cthulhu 2nd Edition

Cultists & Cthulhu 2nd Edition

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It's Hard Work Running a Cthulhu Cult

Cthulhu arises with coffee, newspaper, and delightful bunny slippers

Cultists & Cthulhu is a card game where your fervent desire to lead your cult in nefarious rituals is complicated by incompetent underlings, meddling kids, and imminent madness.

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    Game Details

    • 82 Cult cards
    • 28 Ritual cards
    • 25 tentacle tokens
    • 5 custom ritual dice
    • 2 custom madness dice
    • Rules sheet

    Creative Team: Created by William Sininger & John D. Harris, with 2nd edition development by Jeff Tidball, illustrations by Steve Robbins, and graphic design by Mar Zingoni LI Preti for Matt Paquette and Co.

    2–8 Players | 20+ Minutes | Ages 8+

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    Size: 4" × 7.625" × 1.625"
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    Unspeakable doom inside a blanket-fort

    If you think Lovecraft's hilarious and crave lighter, take-that games where anyone can win, Cultists & Cthulhu is the game for you.