Cooking Customers
Cooking Customers
Cooking Customers
Cooking Customers
Cooking Customers

Cooking Customers

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A Gourmet Game To Die For!

Two cooks fight to be the next Titanium Chef

Cooking Customers is a game where players prepare meals to serve tables and earn tips, scrambling to satisfy ornery customers.
  • Boost your cooks’ efficiency with helpful gear, helpful beverages, and timely raises.
  • Devastate your opponents by stealing their cooks or unleashing the health inspectors.
  • Avoid bad reviews, customer complaints, filthy restrooms, and attempts to hire your cooks away.
  • Try to avoid getting fired!

Proven Fun for the Kitchen Confidential Crowd

Super Chef!

Cooking Customers is built on the familiar and beloved Flapjacks & Sasquatches engine.

  • Quick decisions — and energy drinks — keep the game moving.
  • Hilarious schemes like roller skates and jet packs turn up the heat.
  • Simple rules welcome culinary enthusiasts of all ages, from hobby cooks to head chefs — and even unhappy Karens who want to see the manager.

Game Details

  • 120 Main Deck Cards
  • 36 Table Cards
  • 30 Meal Tokens
  • 4 Custom Dice
  • Rule Book

Creative Team: Created by Dave Schneider, with art by Nathan Crandall.

2–5 Players (6-10 with teams) | 20+ Minutes | Ages 8+

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Size: 6.125" × 9.25" × 2"
Weight: 21 oz


A microwave is not a chef, it's a tool

If you've suffered or enjoyed food service — on either side of the table — Cooking Customers is the game for you.