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Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition
Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition
Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition
Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition
Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition
Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition

Broken and Beautiful Standard Edition

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Perfection in Imperfection

A blue Edo-era patterned vase repaired with veins of gold lacquer

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer. Kintsugi artisans honor broken objects' histories with stunning repairs rather than throwing them away.
  • Draft cards like bowls, cups, vases, and tea jars to create high-scoring sets.
  • Different types of pottery score differently, with non-pottery cards adding even more texture to gameplay.
  • Some pieces inevitably break — and players can influence which ones.
  • Broken pottery is worthless, but players can use gold to repair their shattered collections, and when they do, their value grows greater than when they were brand new.

Critically Acclaimed

Major Fun Award Seal The Dice Tower Seal of Approval

  • Broken and Beautiful contains hidden pleasures you’ll only discover when you play. It seems humble and simple on the surface but there are subtle and beautiful strategies waiting to emerge and available to all. It is an honor to place Broken and Beautiful in our collection, an elegant reminder of the hidden beauty you can find in Major Fun.” —Major Fun Award
  • “Card drafting and set collection… [that’s] more gorgeous than Sushi Go and also more strategic.” —Grant's Game Recs
  • Broken and Beautiful: I love it.” —Dani Standing
  • “I really like the game… It’s a nice game that I can pull out at any time and teach to people. It’s quick, and it’s a theme that I would introduce.” —Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower
  • “Much more interactive than most set collection games… I think that [fixing pottery is] just a super-clever bit of strategy.” —The Hungry Gamer
  • “The artwork is fantastic in this game.… A really solid card drafting game.” —Jordan Plays Blue
  • “If you are looking for a set collection game that is both beautiful and strategic… then definitely check out Broken and Beautiful.” —Board Games in a Minute
  • All Aboard Gamer Silver Cog Award

Card Drafting, Set Collection, Pitch-Perfect Theming

An unbroken teacup with a brown hair's fur pattern

  • Players choose two cards each turn, drafting once in each direction.
  • The cards chosen both assemble scoring sets and cleverly influence which types of pottery will break.
  • The game mechanics encapsulate the kintsugi philosophy, showing how the best game mechanics emerge from singular themes.

Game Details

  • 50 poker-sized playing cards
  • 14 wooden ingot-shaped gold markers
  • Wooden disc first player marker
  • Complete rules of play

Creative Team: Designed by Patrick Rauland, with illustrations by Shirley Gong and graphic design by Peter Wocken. Developed and produced by Jeff Tidball.

2–4 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages 12+

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Size: 4" × 4" × 1.5"
Weight: 6 oz

Gold gameplay icon in the shape of a vase

If you believe that the most compelling gameplay arises from the most singular themes, Broken and Beautiful is the game for you.