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Band or Album OG Edition Game Set
Band or Album OG Edition Game Set
Band or Album OG Edition Game Set

Band or Album OG Edition Game Set

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The Social Game that Knows the Truth

Band or Album OG Edition coin face

Band or Album is a social game for any number of players. It's played by those in the know, always and at any time, whenever anyone calls the question: "Band, or album?"
  • Everything you can say is the name of a band or an album.
  • These rules and your own personal coin let you play any time, anywhere, with anyone.
  • In fact? You're already playing!

The Original Edition

The OG Edition of Band or Album — where it all began.
  • Includes an the original Band or Album coin with graphic design by Daniel Solis.
  • Includes rules for the Band or Album drinking game, plus how to play on Twitter and other social media.
  • One coin, one player — buy enough to outfit your whole crew.

Game Details

  • One OG Edition Band or Album coin
  • Complete rules of play in the physical form of CD liner notes

Creative Team: Designed by Kenneth Hite and Jeff Tidball, with graphic design by Daniel Solis and Will Hindmarch.

Any Number of Players | Unlimited Duration | Ages 14+

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Size: 4.75" × 4.75" × 0.125"
Weight: 2 oz

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If you love the culture of music and talking to your friends, Band or Album is the game for you.