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Pack Wars

Pack Wars

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A Hero's Work is Never Started

It's time for the heroes to go on an adventure! Now, who do you think carries their gear? Definitely not them!

  • You're a hireling! The work is hard and the days are long, but at least the pay is low. (Wait, what?!)
  • It's up to you and your fellow hirelings to divvy up the heroes' gear and pack it into the wilderness for them.
  • But why would you carry the heavy stuff if someone else could take it?

Moving Day, With Elves

Pack Wars is a quick card game of packing up for adventure.

  • A grid of gear cards — from Sasquatch Bait to the Paladin's Formal Tea Set and China — show what's on the packing list.
  • Line up next to the light stuff, but then simultaneous actions reorganize the grid — and the hirelings — first.
  • After five rounds, the hireling with the lightest pack wins.

Game Details

  • 108 full-sized, linen-finish playing cards
    • 60 action cards
    • 32 item cards
    • 6 hireling cards

2–5 Players | 20 Minutes | Ages 8+

Creative Team: Created by William Sininger & John D. Harris, with illustrations by Eric Knese.

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Size: 2.625" × 3.625" × 1.5"
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