Flapjacks and Sasquatches (http://www.flapjacksandsasquatches.com)

Experience the first game produced by Prolific Games!

The Card Game of the Great White North.

Take off to the Great White North where you will use your axe and your wits to get ahead of fellow lumberjacks. You may get a boost from some Flapjacks or be slowed by Blisters, but always be wary of the dreaded Sasquatch! If you can chop your way to the top, you will be named the Iron Jack!

Hirelings: The Ascent (http://www.hirelingstheascent.com)

The Family Game for the Gamer Family

Hirelings: The Ascent is the Family Game for the Gamer Family. You followed the heroes in and they failed. Now you are left to your own resources and must escape before the Dragon's Fireball turns you into a hireling kabob. Be the first one out and you win.

New & Developing Games

We always have several games in development. As new information comes available, it will be posted here with any and all appropriate linkage.